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Pirate Nodes

A decentralised protocol for Pirates to access passive income with innovative tokenomics to reduce sell pressure and increase sustainability. Doxxed founder.

Prate Nodes DeFi Protocol

What are
Pirate Nodes?

Pirate Nodes is an innovative Nodes-as-a-Service (NaaS) and Defi-as-a-Service (DaaS) protocol operating on the Avalanche chain. Our goal is to create a sustainable passive income project through cutting edge ideas and implementations to satisfy all users. Being late to the NaaS space has allowed us to take a back seat and analyse what the successes and failures were of past and present projects. We have identified the necessary measures to ensure that we are able to combat the issues that all projects have faced.


You will have the ability to upgrade your ships, increasing your daily returns.
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Rowboat Crypto Node




Sloop Crypto Node




Brigantine Crypto Node




Galleon Crypto Node





Poseidon’s Chest

Poseidon is the ruler of all seas that Pirates travel across. We’ve managed to steal some chests which hold the best treasure across the underworld.

  • Reward Boost = x1.2

  • 25% Merger fee discount

  • Free Galleon Node (Tier 1) airdropped at launch

  • Whitelist access to Pirate Ships NFT game

Siren's Chest

Siren is one of the most dangerous creatures luring Pirates with their songs and enchanting music to shipwreck our boats on their rocky islands.

  • Reward Boost = x1.15

  • 20% Merger fee discount

  • Free Brigantine Node (Tier 2) airdropped at launch

  • Whitelist access to Pirate Ships NFT game

Bare Bone's Chest

We battled the Skeletons of Skull Island and returned victorious, plundering a handsome sum of loot for our Pirates.

  • Reward Boost = x1.1

  • 15% Merger fee discount

  • Free Sloop Node (Tier 3) airdropped at launch

  • Whitelist access to Pirate Ships NFT game

Captain's Chest

Our Pirates have been at battle for many years and plundered a motherload of treasure. Unfortunately, our Captain has a bounty on his head, so the treasure is best held by you Pirate.

  • Reward Boost = x1.05

  • 10% Merger fee discount

  • Free Rowboat Node (Tier 4) airdropped at launch

  • Whitelist access to Pirate Ships NFT game

Captain's Chest NFT


What is the supply
of $Doubloon?

There is a total of 500,000 $DOUBLOON in circulation. 75,000 tokens are sent to the LP to provide liquidity. The other 425,000 are held in the Rewards Pool wallet to be distributed to users.

Where do my tokens go when a Node is created?

The breakdown of the token distribution is as follows:
- 80% to the Rewards Pool
- 12.5% to the Treasury
- 7.5% to the Liquidity Pool (LP)

One thing we found with many other projects is that tokens from node creation were being sent to developers. Not only is this very greedy, but it also puts a huge amount of sell pressure on the project. For developments to be made, these tokens need to be sold on the market, reducing the price and increasing sell pressure.


Sourcing of Professional Blockchain Developers

Release Whitepaper

Create Discord

Doxxed Founder

Whitelist spots for NFT Launch

Release Initial Website Landing page

NFT Mint Release

Release DApp

Token Launch

Release of Tier 1 Node (Galleon)

OTC Service

Activate NFT Abilities

Ability to Merge Nodes

Release of Pirate Ships P2E game

Gen 2 Treasure Chest mint

Treasure hunt for Node holders to receive Gen 2 Chests and Node ships

Partnerships with other protocols

Mobile DApp

Taking on investor suggestions

Hiring full time treasury manager

Pirates Launchpad

Release of Metaverse P2E game


Sheldon Tweedie


Sam Thompson

Solidity Developer

Cadena Legal

Legal Advisor


When will the project launch?


Pirate nodes will have a two-part launch to the project. Our initial launch of our Pirate Chest NFT’s will be available to mint on the 31st of March. These NFT’s will be available to trade on the secondary market for the next two weeks. The launch of the Pirate Nodes DApp will be mid-April.

How will the token be released?


The launch of $DOUB (our native token) will be conducted as a fair launch. This means that there is no pre-sale access to any members of the public and team members. There will be no whitelist to purchase Doubloons early either. No purchases will be made prior to the release of the token. A timeframe will be given for when the token is launched, it will be a first come first served release.

What will opening price be?


The launch price of the token is TBA. Upon launch of the token, 75,000 Doubloons will be sent to the LP and the remaining 425,000 Doubloons will be held by the Rewards Pool wallet for distribution to Pirates.

Is there a Whitelist?


There will only be whitelist spots available for the minting of the NFT Chests. These will be given to Pirates via our Twitter and Discord. Please review the Whitepaper for further information.

When will the P2E game be released?


The P2E game will be released 1 month after our Dapp, mid-May.

Will the team be Doxxed?


Sheldon Tweedie is the founder of Pirate Nodes. He has had his name and face across the internet for the last 5 years across various YouTube channels. Other team members are Semi-Doxxed through their respectful businesses.